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anomalous_girl posting in Healthy Mommas!
User: anomalous_girl
Date: 2008-03-08 20:56
Subject: Hello again!
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Hello, I wanted to post an entry in here. For me it has been a while.

I tried very hard last year to diet and exercise and due to medications and physically not feeling well, I didn’t do very well. Finally, with a lot of research done, I decided upon getting a weight loss surgery. I had a vertical sleeve gastroectomy done in mid-December. Since that time I have lost almost 50 pounds but I have also been very ill. I have had many complications because of my surgery and I am still having health problems. I am undergoing a procedure on Monday that will hopefully help me with nausea and vomiting. After that, I hope that I will be able to eat more protein, drink more water and also exercise. I still need to lose more weight, about another 50 pounds. I am really hoping that I can lean on the members of this group to help me achieve that goal. It is March, which means that summertime will soon be approaching! What do you say that we get active in this community again and strive again for healthy bodies?
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Why doth the smiling Alicroc.... posting in Healthy Mommas!
User: alicroc
Date: 2007-12-18 12:19
Subject: (no subject)
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I dont know if this is allowed or not so if the mod needs to delete it please do.

But if anyone knows of any pregnant moms looking for newborn clothes please check out my ebay sale:


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_evalution posting in Healthy Mommas!
User: _evalution
Date: 2007-08-08 18:20
Subject: an update on my weight loss
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i haven't posted here in forever! i think i'm finally back down to my prepregancy weight, but about 10 pounds above my goal. i'm able to fit back into most of my old clothes, which is nice, but my belly and legs are super flabby and i don't feel great about how i look. honestly, i'm not really that concerned with the pounds so much as i am my overall fitness.

i've been tracking what i eat using thedailyplate.com since january, which is what i attribute my weight loss to. i was between 160 and 155 lbs when i started tracking, and now i'm down to 132. i'd like to be 120 (i'm just over 5'2").

i really need to start incorporating some regular physical fitness into my day. it's nice being on my feet and moving around at my job, but it's not enough. i try to get regular walks in, but it's not enough, either. we moved within walking distance of some good running trails, and i told myself that i'd get up in the mornings and go for a run before heading to work. i've yet to do this. i'm also thinking about maybe getting a yoga dvd or something.

i've never done yoga, but i'd really like to try it. it seems that everyone i hear from who does it gets really toned and in shape, which is my main goal at this point. i can't afford to take a class, which is what i'd really like to do, and even if i could afford it, i don't know that i'd be able to manage it, with my daughter and all. i'm thinking of getting a dvd from amazon.com. has anyone done this? are there any good videos you'd recommend? or does anyone have any good tips on good ways to get fit, if you can't afford a gym membership or lots of equipment?

(x-posted in parts to my personal journal)
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Slate posting in Healthy Mommas!
User: musclegirl69
Date: 2007-07-11 09:58
Subject: baby food
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I have started eating baby food for fruits. I buy the number 2 or 3 containers of pears, mangos, and sweet potatos, they are clean and help me get the nutrients I want. I have issues with texture and I really don't like regular pears, mangos, and sweet potatos in their regular form. It is helping me. Just thought I'd share a tip that has worked for me.
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Kim posting in Healthy Mommas!
User: callalily04
Date: 2007-06-18 22:26
Subject: I'm a Healthy Momma!
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I found this because I adore fadedsecrets! And I'm currently trying to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes!

Name: Kim
Location: St. Louis, MO
Age: 24
Number of children and gender/ages (also names if you want): Cole, 13 months
Breastfeeding or other: I've been nursing Cole since birth. I am considering weaning in the near future but it's so hard to stop.

(if applicable):
Height: 5'4"
Current Weight: 147
Goal Weight: 135 and/or just to be healthy
Weight loss method of choice: Eating right and exercising. I like the book "You on a Diet" by Dr. Oz.
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Tina posting in Healthy Mommas!
User: tinambear
Date: 2007-05-15 23:19
Subject: W00T!
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Well, it's been about a month. I lost 8lbs last month, but I've been really naughty.

I've been using Weight Watchers to try lose the extra pounds and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I never quite realized before how much "bad" food I was consuming. I was eating good foods too, but the bad is what killed me. I'm glad I know now though. 

I have noticed,since I've been back to work, that my muscle tone is getting much more defined. When I finally lose all this pregnancy weight and a few extra I still had, I will defintely see a difference. Must be all that handstacking I do at work...lol!

So, congrats to me!!

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Why doth the smiling Alicroc.... posting in Healthy Mommas!
User: alicroc
Date: 2007-05-14 20:39
Subject: Stroller Advice: Duostrollers...
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Warning: Will be Xposted as many places as posssible

So I desparately need advice on a good Duostroller.  I will have a 14 month old and a new born as of June.  

I'm thinking of the Graco DuoStroller Family Tree...but I've read mixed reviews.

What do other moms with twins or close aged babies recommend?
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Elizabeth posting in Healthy Mommas!
User: avidbystander
Date: 2007-05-09 22:42
Subject: I'm a healthy momma!
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The Last Wili Standing posting in Healthy Mommas!
User: queenmirtha
Date: 2007-05-09 11:32
Subject: I'm a Healthy Momma!
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Hello ladies!Collapse )
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Kelley posting in Healthy Mommas!
User: fukrware
Date: 2007-05-09 13:54
Subject: A question about lettuce and salads
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I've been using the pre-mixed/bagged salad mixes, but recently decided to cut up my own lettuce and make my own salads because it's a hell of a lot cheaper and generally safer to eat. Thing is, I like the convenience of just being able to open the bag and pour it in a bowl because I'm usually throwing a salad together for my dinner at work and I usually don't have a lot of time to spend on it. So, what I did today with my new head of lettuce and bag of carrot shreds was cut up all my lettuce and pour in my carrots and viola, home made sald mix. My problem is that I know this will probably start to wilt and turn brown in a day or two, and I doubt we'll eat it all that fast. Do any of you very smart ladies have any tricks to keeping lettuce crisp and from going brown longer? I made sure to get it as dry as possible before putting it in the bowl and I put paper towels on both the bottom and top of the lettuce before attaching the lid in an effort to absorb more fluid, but that's about the extent of my knowledge.

Also, any ideas for quick creative salad toppings? I'm a pretty picky eater, but I'm looking for new things. Thanks for all the help!!

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