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o_sugarlily_o posting in Healthy Mommas!
User: o_sugarlily_o
Date: 2007-05-07 08:15
Subject: New
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Name: Susan  
Location: Virginia
Age: 24
Number of children and gender/ages (also names if you want): 1) Abbey, girl, almost 2 months old
Breastfeeding or other: other

Height: 5'7"
Current Weight: 175
Goal Weight: 140-145
Weight loss method of choice: Basically I've been sitting on my butt since I found out I was pregnant, so I just need to start doing SOMETHING. Mainly I want to eat healthier and I just bought an eliptical so I plan on using that. I figure at this point I need to focus more on cardio than anything else.

I'm here because I lack motivation. I need to have other people know that I'm supposed to be working out and losing weight or it will never happen. I would love to lose at least 15 pounds before September, when I have a wedding to go to, and definitely need to lose all 30-35 pounds by next April when I will be IN my sister-in-law's wedding. If any of you have ANY advice, I'm all ears!
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Slate posting in Healthy Mommas!
User: musclegirl69
Date: 2007-05-05 20:19
Subject: WOOT!
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20lbs to go, 10lbs gone.. WOOT!!

I don't own a scale. So I went to the doctor a few days ago. I'm down 10lbs from two months ago. WOOT! I'm so estatic. Anyways I celebrated by having egg whites for dinner. Sounds weird, but I really need to overhaul my eating habits. Being a woman well I got my period this week and have been just eating junk. So anyways I really need to rethink the way I think about food. Food is fuel. I should really work on my self control. 20lbs to go. I can do it.
p90x rocks. I know it helped me.
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Kelley posting in Healthy Mommas!
User: fukrware
Date: 2007-05-02 20:41
Subject: Old member, New update
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I've been mostly a lurker in this community pretty much since its beginning... I've been more or less in a limbo with my weight since about Thanksgiving or so, we had a lot going on with family in town, my husband's school, a big move and just life in general... But I went to the doctor for a pain in my side and after much testing I found out I had a hiatal hernia. This forced me to change my diet to a totally healthy diet, and therefore it renewed my interest in losing the rest of my weight. So, I've managed to lose about 6 pounds or so in the last month, and am hoping to be at my goal by the 4th of July or so if all goes well. My husband joins me in the struggle, he needs to lose a great deal more than me and also more for health reasons than anything since his cholesterol and blood pressure are beginning to rise to dangerous levels. If you are interested, I track all of my food journals, exercise journals, sometimes meal plans, recipes and also just ramblings about the everyday struggles of dieting and eating healthy in general... especially from a junkaholic's point of view. This is all on my resolve_face journal, which like my regular journal, is friends only, but as is the case with both journals, I'll add you if you ask. Just for fun, I filled out the survey again if you are interested. If you'd like to know any more about me, just check out my regular journal's profile here. Good luck in your journey ladies! :)

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mand_a_lion posting in Healthy Mommas!
User: mand_a_lion
Date: 2007-04-17 15:43
Subject: Exercise
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I've been doing this http://www.strollerstrides.com/  three times a week.  It's a scary way for a non-morning person to start the day, but I'm really in an exercise kick.  In addition I've been walking a two mile loop six nights a week.  I've been following this regime for the last three weeks and have lost a total of zero pounds.  That's right.  Zero.  As in a big fat goose egg.  It's really frustrating, especially since I've also been eating healthier.  And yes, I've meassured myself and haven't seen a drop in those numbers either.  My sister told me to be patient, that it WILL come off at some point.  I guess I'm more of an instant results kind of gal.
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Slate posting in Healthy Mommas!
User: musclegirl69
Date: 2007-04-11 12:18
Subject: oh yeah
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I feel great, I'm on week 2 of my new workout program with p90x. I just love it. I'm gonna be able to kick so much butt when I'm actually strong enough to make it through all the workouts. Yes some of the exercises are so hard I can only do like 4 repititions. Anyways, I know I'll get stronger and I can already see some more muscle popping out on my body.
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mommymela posting in Healthy Mommas!
User: mommymela
Date: 2007-04-09 21:34
Subject: (no subject)
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Please bombard me with all your super-healthy recipes and/or healthy recipe websites...I'm going shopping on Wednesday, and I'm determined to buy a bunch of healthy food - nothing processed or fatty!!!
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Slate posting in Healthy Mommas!
User: musclegirl69
Date: 2007-04-04 23:51
Subject: p90x
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What a great workout. OMG!! I love it, I'm so sore. It will take me a while before I can do the complete workout. I just did the chest, shoulder, tricep workout and I couldn't do all the reps for each exercise, I had a hard time with the one arm pusups and weighted circles. OH my. I need lighter weights. Anyways I'm sore and loving it. This workout program is insane and awesome.
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Slate posting in Healthy Mommas!
User: musclegirl69
Date: 2007-04-01 23:49
Subject: px90
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I just did my first px90 workout..and OMG!! I love it..just loved it. I am sweaty, my muscles are burning, I got a good workout. I can tell this is going to work. I'll post everyday and post monthly stats.

size 14-16pants
weight 180
size xl shirt
bra 40B

I'll post my stats again May 1st.
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2muchme posting in Healthy Mommas!
User: 2muchme
Date: 2007-04-01 16:00
Subject: I'm a healthy momma!
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Denise posting in Healthy Mommas!
User: glimmeringhope
Date: 2007-03-31 23:45
Subject: (no subject)
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After I had Anna-Lee and until she started eating solids at around 7-9 months (she didn't really get into them until 9 months, and even then she didn't eat much until she was almost a year) I couldn't keep weight on. I was 157 the day I delivered (I had lost 20lbs when I was pregnant from hyperemesis gravidum). I lost 12 lbs from delivery and got down to 120 or so, which is where I want to be (petite 5'3").

After that the weight kind of stayed the same. Then when I had my second miscarriage, I got to 8 weeks pregnant. My appetite was tremendous, and I was so stressed worried about whether I was going to miscarry or not (spotting for a week or so and I'd had a miscarriage the month before). I gained 10+lbs the week between when I started spotting and when the miscarriage was confirmed. Things didn't get any better after that. We've moved in with my parents who always have junk food around. And the stress of being here isn't good since I am an emotional eater. :\ I am now up to somewhere between 135-140. Which is 10lbs from where I was at my wedding, the heaviest I've ever been.

I'm tired of this and I need to change! I am trying to slowly change my eating habits. We're eating at home more. I buy the microwave steam veggies for quick and easy snacks. During the day if I drink soda I drink diet, but at night I still drink regular (one before bed). I'm working on giving that one up too, and replacing most of the diet soda with water (I only drink maybe one a day, but I'd like to get that down to one a week or so). DH and I are taking nightly walks when we can (its been raining a lot and like fadedsecrets I don't have a rain cover for my stroller.

Anna-Lee is still breastfeeding but not much, so I can't rely on that to burn calories anymore. Darn it!

Anyone know of any good exercise tapes- I have one and I HATE it! LOL
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