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I'm a healthy momma! - Healthy Mommas!
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Elizabeth posting in Healthy Mommas!
User: healthy_mommas (posted by avidbystander)
Date: 2007-05-09 22:42
Subject: I'm a healthy momma!
Security: Public
Name: Elizabeth
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Age: 24
Number of children and gender/ages: 1 four month old baby girl, the little love of my life! I can't get enough of the kid (not that I couldn't use some downtime now and then).
Breastfeeding or other: breastfeeding

Height: 5'1 and a half!
Current Weight: I'm really not sure, I weighed 135 lbs at my postpartum visit but I've lost some weight since then.
Goal Weight: 120 lbs -- I want to fit _comfortably_ in my old jeans. Basically, I want my old waistline back and firmer abs. ::cries:: (just kidding.)
Weight loss method of choice: yoga class two/three time a week, walking, and eating healthy food prepared at home. It's difficult sticking to a routine with my little one. I get discouraged about it, but I am optimistic. It's not an impossible goal; it's just going to take discipline, perseverance, and tiiime.

I want to start recording my progress or obstacles (probably on my own journal as friends-only).
I hope to get to know other mommas here and look forward to learning what I can from this community.
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